The Friendship Diet with Sheri Jacobs

Another listener joins us on the podcast today, this time the author of
a book about relationships that appeals to the palate as well. The
Friendship Diet is Sheri’s attempt to help people going through the
trials of trying to reconnect to their inner being in the midst of
chaotic relationship patterns.

It becomes apparent to both Cindie and Walt that food as a metaphor
isn’t just something that Sheri does in her book. It reflects how she
expresses her thinking about her own relationships to herself and about
how she relates to others regarding relationship issues.

Playing on themes like “comfort food relationships”, “empty calorie
relationships” and the like she weaves a tapestry of that is more like a
menu of human behavior patterns in their relationships.

Walt observes toward the end of the podcast that by having some
listeners on the show as guests, he has come to realize how nice and
truly kind his listenership really is. It’s a trait that all of the
co-hosts appreciate very much. So thank you for listening, listeners!

It feels great to actually LIKE our audience!

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