The Full Range Of Emotions

We begin today by talking about “spiritual bypassing” with Cindie
mentioning people who only want to feel positive emotions and block
themselves off from anything even slightly negative, while Walt takes
the opposite tack by identifying people who accuse others of “spiritual
bypassing” because they’re not joining in on staying in the anger that
the accuser is emoting.

It all starts with Walt telling about how he kind of ran into a brick
wall and had to do something he normally doesn’t like to do. He had to
take a nap before the podcast! But today his body took over and said,
“Walt, you can either go take a nap, or you can fall to the floor. The
choice is yours!”

This led into the “spiritual bypassing” conversation in which both of us
end up applauding being in contact with our full range of emotions,
while acknowledging that with all that is going on in the world these
days it can also be quite exhausting to deal with the huge amounts of
emotion we are dealing with today.

Today’s discussion becomes a fascinating microcosm of the larger world
situation, and Cindie leads us through some exercises to help us
reconnect with our inner selves and recharge our batteries at a time
when we most need a recharge.

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