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Loving Yourself Enough

Walt has an epiphany the night before about the exact role that
self-love plays in the conscious creation process.

He makes that the subject of today’s episode.

Dean McMurray fills in for Cindie today, but going forward he’s the new
Tuesday co-host, and today he confirms through his performance that he’s
the right guy behind the mic.

Santa Claus and The Law of Attraction

Daniel sends us a holiday-specific question that makes a perfect
discussion for today’s show.

He writes:

“Hey everyone happy holidays! Hey guys, love the show it’s really
helpful, fun and happy! I don’t know if you have ever discussed this
before but I thought it would fun to talk about Santa Claus and the law
of attraction. If there was enough belief from the world would we
manifest a physical Santa at the North Pole? I know that children
manifest the gifts under the tree and in a way that to me is a
manifestation of their belief in Santa. And I know that Rita and Linda
connect to archangel Michael and other saints. I wonder if they can
connect to Santa the same way. I also wonder about when we feel the
“Christmas spirit” are we connecting to Santa energy. Thanks for your
time. Who ever you want to ask is fine with me. Keep up the good work!”

The answer may blow your mind, but don’t worry. You’ll get over it.

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Collecting The Right Data Points

Avinash sends us a question that becomes the basis for conversation in
today’s show.

“Hi wonderful team. I wanted to know if you people who understand how
LOA works — do you really care how much data is collected on you? It
seems to me that in the grand scheme of things Big Brother is nothing
compared to what the Universe knows about us — which is unconditional
and without judgement. Any thoughts? I would appreciate.”

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Relationship Q&A

Deborah sends in an email asking us to go into more detail about “the
pruning sheers of revision”.

She writes:

“Thanks for the great show today, some really helpful stuff from both of

“Your talk of changing the past reminded me of a an episode you recorded
a few years ago on this show regarding revising the past with Neville

“I remember at the time the concept sort of blew my mind!

“I wonder if this might be a concept we could explore again?

“Of course you may feel that you already covered this in its entirety at
the time.

“Just a thought! Many thanks and hope you have a splendid day.”

We also field some questions posed by new listeners on Facebook.

Tina writes:

“I had two readings done previously about whether me and my boyfriend
are going to get married.

“They both said yes but that we are kinda different and will have some

“But now my boyfriend wants to break up with me as we have some problems
going on he loves me.

“I love him so much, but he can’t do it anymore.

“He doesn’t want to talk about it, and he already made up his mind with
no going back.

“I really don’t know what I should do.

“I love him so bad that I can’t even imagine myself without him..

“What I’m supposed to do?”

Disha wrote:

“I have been in a relationship for the past 3 years.

“We started dating in 2017.

“I manifested him into my life with the law of attraction.

“I’m sure because he was saying the same things I wanted, and he was
better than I imagined.

“He chased me a lot, but  later I was disloyal to him at times over the
years .

“(Please don’t judge me) 🙁 ..

“I feel regret about my behaviour from the bottom of my heart, and I
have only loved him in these 3 years, no one else..

“This year since the lockdown I could see his interest decreasing and I
became the one chasing and also I became very very negative and also I
recently found out he’s been disloyal too (not double dating) but
flirting around and talking to girls on dating apps .

“After the first year, I don’t know if I manifested this behaviour in
him because he was crazy in love with me, and I know for sure I
attracted him.”

“My affirmations were ‘ loyal, divine love , divine relationship etc etc ‘

I don’t know why is this happening.

“My heart says he’s the one, but I don’t have any trust in him.

“I can’t understand whether my higher self is telling me to give up or
hold on.

“I try to be grateful for him, and I do see some changes good changes,
but again I become negative and think of the disloyalty.

“What if this happens again?

“I’ve learnt my lesson that I should be 100 percent loyal, but I don’t
know what to do about this relationship.

“I feel so stuck, and I’ve been trying to detach.”

“In a way, I feel I attracted this experience to show me that I’m too
attached to him, and I’ve been trying to detach.

“What should I do when I get mixed answers from the universe?

“I know 100 percent that he has loved me, that he’s given me 100
percent, but I don’t know if I should trust him back or give up.

“I’m scared to trust him back and scared to believe 100 percent that
he’s the one, because what if I find something else in his phone?”

Tasfia wrote:

“Hello . I have a question , when I was 4 or 5, I would often watch my
parents fight in front of me .

“I know that if I don’t heal before I get into a relationship, the
patterns will come back, and I will engage in a fight with my partner too.

“So my question is: how to heal from this?

“How can I unlearn the pattern, so that I can have a peaceful relationship?”

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Giving, Receiving, And Deciding When Not To Receive

This episode starts with a warm email from a listener and then evolves
into a full discussion about giving, receiving, and deciding when not to

Amy sent the following email:

On a fairly recent podcast ( I don’t remember which one), you were
talking about how you came to LOA later in life. I wanted to thank you
for sharing because that is me as well. Very similar background it
seems. Since I am learning all this later in life, I feel like I missed
the boat. I now constantly keep telling myself that the past is the past
and try to get past the old regrets. I keep LOA-ing daily. Your podcast
has been super helpful.

We love getting questions and comments from readers, so use the LOA
Today app to send in your question or comment, and we will feature it on
the next episode that features the co-host you send it to!

Walt suggests that giving and receiving are part of a continuous circuit
and that it pays off for us to always be mindful of giving and receiving
at all times.

We also field a question from Nashia in the livestream about what to do
when someone gives you something that you don’t want, such as insults or
other abusive treatment.

Also, Walt shares the great news that the repairs to the LOA Today app
have been completed, and he asks that any listeners still having issues
with the app to send him a note using the question form on the app to
let him know what they’re experiencing. The more details you can supply,
the better!

Be sure to tell a friend about the LOA Today app as well. Just give them
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